Data Center Optimization: Is It Necessary?

Most firms these days depend on some kind of data center in order to function. Whether this is an offsite or local data center, you need to make sure that it’s running optimally in order to be sure that your operations will not be crippled on account of any glitches. To facilitate this, you will need to actively find ways to optimize the data center.

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that as long as their data center is working, everything is okay. However, you may be surprised to find that there is a lot you can do to make it cheaper and faster to access and store the data compared to your current setup. Some of the areas you should consider addressing in order to facilitate this include:

The use of software-defined technologies and virtualization

The use of software-defined technologies in data storage has been a revolution that has increased the potential for most data centers. In a nutshell, it is a technology that changes focus from hardware to software as far as performance is concerned. This means that when using such technologies, you no longer have to worry about hardware constraints since one can use software to create large networks and to even link data centers. With such technologies, you could even link data centers across the world without having to worry about the logistics of doing so.

The optimization of power usage

When using a data center, you should also consider optimizing power usage. This has several benefits, including having a positive impact on the environment as well as reducing how much it will cost you to run the data center in the long run. There are many ways of optimizing power usage including through selection of a data center in a location where most of the electrical power comes from green resources. You can also examine your current data center for lower power areas.

A good example of this is to find out how much power an idle server will use, and then developing a system that will shut it down until when it’s needed. These days, you can integrate such systems into your data center, making power management a much easier prospect.

Optimizing data center environments

If you manage your own data center, you also need to think about how to optimize the environment. The two most important things to seek out include hot spots and cold spots. These will drain energy from the data center, and will increase the wattage needed to keep the data center running. In addition to that, they have also been shown to compromise airflow within the data center, which will in turn increase the rate of hardware wear.

Some of the variables you might need to tweak to correct this include the placement of racks, choosing optimal server density and choosing the right type of flooring. You can also invest in predictive analysis to figure out what demands you might have in future, and then plan for them.

As you can imagine, the arrangement of hardware in a data center is more technical than simply placing a few racks and servers against a wall. You should therefore consider getting a specialist to analyze your current setting to find out if it’s adequate enough to make the environment optimal. If not, they can then suggest some of the changes you need to make to achieve this.

In summary, data center optimization seeks to make any data center faster, cheaper to maintain and cheaper to run as well. If you happen to depend on one, you should consider using a professional to optimize it, since the benefits of doing so are greater than can be imagined.

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