2U Riser Card – 2x32BIT/5V PCI + PCI Expressx16 on 7th slot (ARC2-793)


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2U PCI-32/PCI-E x16 combo riser card, 2*PCI 32bit/5V + PCI-E x16 on slot-7.

The top PCIe x16 riser connector linked with gold fingers which connects to the motherboard PCIex16 slot-7 .

The middle PCI-32(MAIN) riser connector linked to the gold fingers of another parallel riser card is connected to the PCI-32 slot-6.

The bottom PCI-32 riser connector(shared signal) linked w/a 8-wire paddle link is connected to the PCI-32 slot-5.

For motherboard w/PCIex16 on slot-7 and 2*PCI-32 on slot-5, slot-6, such as Intel D915/D925/D945 Series, Asus P5LD2-VM, Tyan S5120/S5130,S2865 etc.

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