2U Riser Card – 2x32BIT PCI + 1xAGP Pro (ARC2-549)


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2U 3-in-1 PCI/AGP Pro Combo Riser Card.
2*PCI-32bit/5V + 1*AGP Pro on motherboard slot-7.

The middle riser connector (AGP Pro) connects to the slot-7 (AGP Pro) of the motherboard via a short AGP Pro riser attached in the back.

PCI2 & PCI1 (top and bottom riser connectors) connect to the PCI-32 slot-6 and slot-5 (or PCI-64) of the motherboard.

For all motherboards w/AGP Pro on slot-7 and 2*PCI-32 on slot-5 and slot-6, such as Tyan S5101, S2099 etc.

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