AIC 2U Rackmount Storage Chassis, 12 SAS/SATA hot-swap bays, 21.6″ depth, dual I/O module with expander, 460W 1+1 hot-swap redundant PFC

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All AIC Xtore’s SAS Disk Enclosures are designed in a modular base, complete with redundant and hot-swap I/O modules, fans, and power supplies for easy maintenance. The systems support in-band SES (SCSI Enclosure Service) with embedded SEP for error and status reporting. Each HDD has Activity and Failure LEDs to indicate the drive status. Firmware can be upgraded through in-band SAS ports or out-of-band serial port.

For highest performance and reliability, systems can be configured with dual I/O modules and highly reliable SAS HDDs providing a 1,200 x 2 MB/sec speed and dual-port failover capability. An application for a clustering transaction server can apply the above scheme with the best throughput and reliability. Customers looking for performance and not requiring redundancy can employ a single I/O module with SAS HDDs without sacrificing performance nor reliability. Applications such as HDD Video Editing can use pure SAS interface for on-line storage usage. For the lowest $/GB, customers can apply a single I/O module system installing large capacity SATA HDDs to achieve the best performance/cost investment. It is the best and most cost-effective near-line or backup storage available.

Key Features

  1. High performance, redundancy, and connectivity SAS interface supports
  2. High performance/availability SAS drives and high capacity/lower cost SATA drives in a single system, the flexibility to reduce total cost of ownership (true mix-and-match of drives in a single enclosure)
  3. Six 4-port connectors for host or expansion with automatic port speed detection and negotiation
  4. Scalable with expansion ports to couple with business growth
  5. Environment monitoring with SEP/SES Support
  6. Redundant and hot swappable IO modules, drives, fans and power supplies for high availability and easy maintenance
  7. Multiple Form Factor 1U, 2U, 3U and with both SFF 2.5� and 3.5� drive offerings

Additional information

Weight 53.00 lbs
Power Supply

460W 1+1 hot-swap redundant PFC

Expansion Slots

3 x mini-SAS connectors per I/O module ( 2 x host interface + 1 x expansion interface)


Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel




17.3" x 21.6" x 3.5" (WxDxH)

Front Cooling

Redundant 2+1


Power on/off, system mute

Front Panel LED

system failure and HDD LEDs for power, activity adn failure


12 x 3.5" SAS/SATA Hot-swap


1M External mini SAS to infiniband cable included, 1M external mini SAS to mini SAS cable optional