AIC XJ 100 SAS JBOD Series XJ-SA12-005

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Small in Size, Large in Storage

It is the perfect balance between performance and cost of your storage.


Today�s high performance storage system is mostly designed with a heavy rackmount enclosure with costly Fibre Channel or SCSI interface. With lighter, cost effective, and convenient enclosures in demand, Xtore introduces this small

footprint storage box with unprecedented 1200MB/s SAS Link.


Users can choose high performance Serial Attached SCSI drives as well as low cost SATA drives. For its low cost and small size, AIC’s XJ 100 SAS JBOD�s performance proves users� expectations. It is the ideal solution for HD Video storage and many other desktop storage applications you can imagine.


Five/Ten Hard Disk in one box allow better performance for RAID 5 and RAID 6 configurations


Key Features and Benefits


�         High performance 1200MB/s full duplex SAS connection using SFF8088 miniSAS cable

�         High scalability, can be cascaded up to 120 drives

�         LED indication for HDD activity, failure, over-temperature, and fan failure

�         Cable-less backplane/controller design

�         In-band or out-of-band firmware update

�         SAS and SATA drives can be mix-matched in the box

�         In-band SCSI Enclosure Service (SES) Support

�         Total cascaded HDDs depend on limitation of host adapters

�         High Performance

�         SAS and SATA Compatibility, The maximum performance per host connection is 1200MB/sec, which is higher than a single 4G or even 10G Fibre Channel connection. The performance of the bus is achieved by combining four SAS channels with each supporting 3Gbps full duplex speed.

�         Together with a high-speed SAS HBA or SAS RAID controller card in the host server, this storage enclosure can deliver an unprecedented performance.

�         Thanks to the high performance SAS throughput, you can play multiple High Definition Video clips and edit them because storage is no longer the bottleneck of your application.


This enclosure is designed specifically for individuals who are looking for high

performance/reliability and high capacity/low cost solutions. Customer can choose to

install Serial Attached SCSI 3G or SATA 3G/1.5G drives mixed in the same box. BTO

Large Storage Capacity and Scalability. For cost and capacity considerations, XJ100 SAS JBOD supports five (XJ-SA12-005) or ten (XJ-SA12-010) 3.5″ SATA drives, which endorses up to 10 TB of RAID 5 storage. Easy Maintenance and Management All of Xtore’s SAS Enclosures are cable-less with hot-swappable disk carriers. It is easy for technicians or users to configure or maintain. The high performance SAS expander inside the box, provides an expansion port allowing this JBOD to be cascaded to another for more capacity. Up to 120 drives can be cascaded from a single SAS initiator. This system supports SES (SCSI Enclosure Service) for status monitoring and in-band firmware update. Also, a software independent serial port can be used for firmware update and more sophisticated status check. Only one cable is needed for connection. XJ 100 SAS JBOD Series Large Storage Capacity and Scalability XJ 100 SAS JBOD Series For cost and capacity considerations, XJ100 SAS JBOD supports five (XJ-SA12-005) or ten (XJ-SA12-010) 3.5″ SATA drives, which endorses up to 10 TB of RAID 5 storage.


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Additional information

Weight 37.00 lbs
Power Supply

single 270W, single 400W

Expansion Slots

minisas 4x 1200MB/s connector


176mm x 311mm x 289mm wxdxh

Input Voltage