Enhance 2U 8-bay 12TB 10 GbE iSCSI Expandable Rackmount NAS System, 21.5″ Depth Optional Upgrade to 16TB


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Product Overview

The Enhance UltraShare/NAS sets a new benchmark for high-performance network-attached shared storage. The UltraShare/NAS system combines high data throughput, expandability, resiliency and versatility. It offers an intuitive, easy to use graphical interface all at a price point that is unmatched in the industry. In any type of environment, the UltraShare/NAS can deliver the performance to suit your needs at a price that will fit your budget. UltraShare/NAS is available with single 10GbE data portals. The 10GbE CX4 connector can be combined to provide high-speed, load balancing or fault tolerance. The UltraShare/NAS provides the highest data I/O performance of any NAS system in its class.

Application & Capability

The UltraShare NAS can be used in various type of environments. It is suitable for high-demand, high availability, data transfer environment such as ISP to provide fast FTP access to website content, or file sharing. It may also be used for video archive and retrieval for IP surveillance cameras. From small local workgroups, SMB networks all the way up to large corporate IT infrastructures, UltraShare/NAS features the connectivity capabilities to seamlessly and effectively integrate into virtually any kind of networking environment. The UltraShare/NAS Share supports Apple, UNIX and/or Windows clients and also allow remote access via FTP. The UltraShare/NAS also synchronize to virtually any type of network directory services including ADS/PDC, NIS and LDAP. However your network works, UltraShare/NAS can adapt.

Features & Benefits

UltraShare/NAS provides a high degree of security and resiliency. Data storage volumes can be individually protected via programmable RAID controllers (up to RAID-6). All data drives are contained within hotswappable canisters and “hot spares” are supported. Dual, redundant, 380W 80- Plus high efficiency green power supplies provide secure, reliable power to ensure un-interrupted system operation. No matter what the requirement, big or small, if you need shared storage UltraShare/NAS is the perfect solution. The combination of high-performance, advanced connectivity, expandability and data security mean that UltraShare/NAS can deliver your data how you want it, when you want it and where you want it. Moreover, the UltraShare can do all of this and still conform to even the most “confining” of budgets.

Expansion Capabiilty

The UltraShare/NAS incorporates an internal 8-drive RAID array for up to 16TB of data storage. However, the storage capabilities don’t stop there. Unlike many NAS systems, UltraShare/NAS can easily grow far beyond the “limitations” of its internal drive capacity. Each UltraShare/NAS system can also be expanded with additional RAID protected data storage of up to 176TB (Raw) with a purchase of the UltraShare/NAS Expansion upgrade license (SW-NAS8000-XPUG). The UltraShare/NAS expansion upgrade license allows the UltraShare/NAS gateway to connect up to 5 3U(16 Bay) Rackmount storage devices as one single system without compromising the performance of data transfer.


Additional information

Weight 75.00 lbs

(H x W x D): 3.5 " x 19" x 21.5"

Front Cooling

Four (4) high-speed internal cooling fans

Power supply

Dual redundant hot-swappable power Output: 380W