Enhance RAID R4, 1U 4 X 3.5″ SATA HDDs, SCSI-to-SATA RAID System, Expandable to 4-Ch R4 ML

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Product Overview  

A Pioneer and leader in hybrid I/O technologies, Enhance Technology introduces the one and only expandable SCSI RAID storage system R4 XP1000 Series, a 1U 4-disk RAID engine embedded rackmount storage system product line, developed for OEM, VAR, & storage solution providers for daily Disk-to-Disk (D2D) backup, video editing, e-mail archive, etc. The EnhanceRAID™ R4 XP1000 Series features a next generation 64-bit Scale storage processor capable of sustaining data rates up to 210MB/Sec, and offers a cutting edge “web-based” user interface which provides complete storage control over a standard web browser. The EnhanceRAID R4 XP1000 model features MultiLink™ I/O technology with one additional Multi-lane channels optioned for daisy-chaining another R4 ML disk array system for storage expansion in addition to the build in four (4) Serial ATA I/II disks supported. EnhanceRAID systems provide a host of RAID advanced functions, empowering users with capabilities (such as RAID 6 features) normally found in enterprise-class storage systems. 

Industry Proven SATALINK™ Technology  

The EnhanceRAID system was built on the world-known hybrid I/O technology, the SATALink™, a SCSI-to-SATA converging technology pioneered by Enhance Technology to bring low-cost SATA disks to the broadband high performance computing environments. The propriety MultiLink™ I/O technology is introduced to connect additional disk array system through Multi-lane interface that helped resellers and integrators to offer more cost/effective storage solution to the end customers.

Versatile RAID storage Module  

The EnhanceRAID system is a host independent storage appliance which provides a transparent and driverless method of adding additional RAID protected storage to an existing IT infrastructure, regardless of your operating system or hardware. It is ideal for Microsoft Exchange and SQL server, and provides the fastest, simplest, safest way to share protected data between desktops, networks and work groups.

Next Generation Storage Engine  

Performance Powered by the latest Intel IOP80331 storage processor, the EnhanceRAID™ system produces an outstanding 210MB/s speed to satisfy for users with large video editing, data backup or recovery, and archiving projects.

Features & Benefits

–  Hardware RAID Intel 80331 500Mhz 64-bit RISC Processor
–  Host Bandwidth Ultra320 SCSI and backward compatible
–  Disk Supported Serial ATA I&II at 3.0 Gbp/s
–  Built in remote access for event log and e-mail notification
–  RAID levels supported 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 50, 60 & JBOD
–  Support on-line volume expansion & migration
–  Support multiple RAID volumes & instant availability
–  Key features include RAID 6
–  Energy saving advanced enclosure design
–  Individual power & status LED indicators on each drive bay

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