I-STAR 1U 300W Switching Power Supply 80Plus


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  • Application for IPC
  • PFC: Active
  • Voltage: 90 to 264 VAC
  • Frequency: 47Hz to 63Hz
  • Input Current: 115Vac / 6.3A max. 230Vac/3A max
  • Inrush Current: No damage shall occur to the power supply and the fuse shall not open or exceed its max rating 100A max @ 230Vac 25˚C cold start
  •  Remote ON/OFF Control : TTL High/PS-OFF; TTL Low/PS-ON VIL=0.8Vmax, IIL=-1.6mAmax @Vin=0.4V VIH=2.0Vmin @Iin=-200uA, VIH=5.25Vmax @open ckt
  • Hold-up Time : 16 msec (minimum) at 80% of full load at 115Vac input.

DC Output

Min Load Max Load Regulation Ripple(mV)
+5Vsb 0.0A 2.5A ±5% 50mV P-P
-12V 0.0A 0.8A ±10% 120mV P-P
+12V1 1A 18A ±4% 120mV P-P
+12V2 0.5A 18A ±4% 120mV P-P
+5V 0.5A 16A ±4% 50mV P-P
+3.3V 1A 16A ±4% 50mV P-P

+3.3V &+5V total output not exceed 110W
The continuous total output power is 300W max.


Additional information

Weight 7.00 lbs

190 mm x100 mm x40 mm

Storage temp.

-20˚C to +60˚C

Operating temp.

0°C to 50°C


at 25˚C(demonstrated) :100kHrs Minimum at full load.

Output Wattage