I-STAR 2U 500W Switching Power Supply 80Plus


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  • Application for industry use
  • PFC: Active
  • AC input full range
  • Complies with EN6100-3-2
  • Low ripple & noise
  • High efficiency
  • 100% burn-in under high ambient temperature (50ºC)
  • 100% Hi-pot tested

Input Spec

Input voltage: 90 to 264 VAC
Input frequency: 47 to 63 Hz


Over voltage protection: +3.3V: 3.5V – 4.8V; +5V: 5.5V – 6.82V; +12V: 13.4V – 15.6V
Short circuit protection: It is defined to be a short circuit load of less than 0.1 ohm

General Spec

Hold-up time: >17ms
Efficiency: >80% at full load.
Voltage: 1500VAC from input to output
MTBF: 100,000 hours at full load at 25˚C

Environmental Spec

Operating temperature: 0˚C to +50˚C
Storage temperature: -20˚C to +80˚C
Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing

DC Output

Min Load Max Load Regulation Ripple(mV)
+5V 0.5A 20A ±5% 50mV P-P
+12V1 1A 15A ±5% 120mV P-P
+12V2 1A 15A ±5% 120mV P-P
+12V3 1A 15A ±5% 120mV P-P
-12V 0.0A 0.5A ±10% 150mV P-P
+5Vsb 0.0A 2.5A ±5% 50mV P-P
+3.3V 0.5A 24A ±5% 50mV P-P

(1) The +3.3V and +5V total output shall not exceed 150watts.
(2) total output for this subject power supply is 500 watts.
(3) Ripply and noise measurements shall be made under all specified load conditions through a single pole low pass filter with 20MHz cutoff frequency. Outputs shall bypassed at the connector with a 0.1uF ceramic disk capacitor and a 10uF electrolytic capacitor to simulate system loading.
(4) -5V is option.


Additional information

Weight 7.00 lbs

240 X 100 X 70mm

Storage temp.

-20˚C to +80˚C

Operating temp.

0˚C to +50˚C


100,000 hours at full load at 25˚C

Output Wattage