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VTrak x30 Series for Mac OS X

The PROMISE VTrak x30 Series RAID subsystem is a high performance, massively scalable 8G Fibre Channel storage subsystem designed to provide 24/7, 365 enterprise-class availability. Optimized to work within a Mac OS X environment, the VTrak x30 Series offers up to four times more performance than the previous generation delivering up to 5.5 GB/s for reads and 2.2 GB/s for writes.
The VTrak x30 Series RAID solution was developed to meet the mission critical needs of today’s demanding video workflows. At the heart of the PROMISE VTrak x30 Series RAID subsystem is an advanced, high-performance RAID engine developed over the course of two decades. Powered by next-generation processing power from Intel, the Xeon C3500 Series processors, the VTrak x30 unleashes tomorrow’s performance, today.


  • 3U/16-Bay Dual-controller RAID Subsystem with 8-Ports 8G Fibre Channel
  • Includes 8x 2TB 7.2K NL-SAS HDD
  • 3-year onsite PROMISE ServicePlus next-day service
  • Scalable from16-bays up to 128-bays by attaching up to 7/VTrak J-Class
    Expansion Chassis
  • Redundant hot-swappable power and cooling

Features & Benefits:

Your data is safe with VTrak.
Dual active-active 8Gbps Fibre Channel controller modules with cache mirroring over a high-speed PCIe Gen 2 link allow for redundant data paths to ensure data availability while dual power supplies units, battery backed cache and intelligent cache management strategies are in place to minimize downtime and protect user data.  Hardened controller fail-over strategies, autonomous healing technologies like predictive data migration, along with robust RAID 5 and RAID 6 algorithms work in conjunction to improve the system fault tolerance capabilities and assist in keeping access to your data continuous.

Edit & Playback Video Faster than Ever.
Faster processor, more memory, faster FC ports is just the beginning. Enhanced cached mirroring design, auto-regeneration of data to mitigate frame drops and optimized disk access all add up to more performance for broadcast and editing environments.
The VTrak x30 Series optimizes performance to enable creative media professionals to increase productivity by up to 2.5 times over the previous generation VTrak delivering the best in class performance for the media and entertainment industry.

Redesigned WebPAM PROe Management Suite.
Designed with simplicity in mind, the all-new WebPAM PROe takes VTrak storage management to a new level. Included are automatic configurations tuned for common applications, non-disruptive software updates, power savings scheduler, performance and power monitoring statistics, drag-and-drop LUN mapping/masking and more. Everything you need is built in, just login through Safari on your Mac or iPad.

VTrak x30 Series enables enterprise-class management capabilities by supporting the latest in SNMP and CIM standards to work with popular enterprise monitoring software packages.  In addition, for those users needing to propagate similar configurations over multiple RAID subsystems, WebPAM PROe has functionality to import configurations in under six clicks of the mouse.

Heterogeneous Environments. Always.
PROMISE has a long history of supporting multiple platforms. The VTrak x30 Series supports Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Extensively tested and qualified across diverse OS and SAN environments such as Xsan and StorNext, the VTrak x30 is built for your enterprise workload.


  • Quad 8Gbps FC ports per controller
  • Delivers up four times more performance than previous generation
  • High-availability design
  • Out-of-the box support with zero software install required
  • Embedded management and monitoring software compatible with a wide range of web browsers including Safari for Mac and iOS on iPad.
  • Scale up to 7 Expansion Chassis for a total of 136 drives
  • PerfectFlash enables software updates without requiring downtime
  • Administer access control through Open Directory & LDAP
  • Energy Efficient Power Supplies offering up to 85% power efficiency
  • Qualified Solution for Mac OS X, Xsan and Final Cut Pro
  • Certified for Windows, Linux and StorNext

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