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VTrak S3000

The Promise VTrak S3000 appliance has been designed to provide industry leading performance and reliability for mission critical environments at an affordable price. The fully redundant design provides data protection and availability even if a component should fail. This provides VTrak users uninterrupted productivity for the life of the product.


  • Host Interface: 6x1Gb iSCSI
  • Storage Connectivity: 6Gb SAS

Features and Benefits:

Everything you want in an Enterprise SAN appliance, including affordable price
The exponential growth of unstructured data combined with server consolidation is driving organizations to change how they store, manage and protect their data. Virtual server technology has improved the resiliency of server operating systems and applications, but has introduced new issues for the storage infrastructure. With this concentration of compute resources, it is imperative that organizations implement disaster management techniques including remote replication and site fail-over. The PROMISE VTrak S3000 tackles this job by providing enterprise class storage services to protect the entire data set. Powerful, yet easy-to-deploy and manage through an embedded GUI, VTrak S3000 solves today’s data management issues at an affordable price.

Connectivity to fit in your SAN infrastructure
Not every organization’s SAN infrastructure is the same.  Whether your infrastructure is powered by Fibre Channel or iSCSI, VTrak S3000 provides you with the latest in speed and technology to integrate into your existing SAN infrastructure.

Storage Services
VTrak S3000 hosts a wide range of storage services providing any IT administrator the tools needed to efficiently manage your organization’s data.  Providing tools to consolidate multiple storage volumes into a single pool and allow storage volumes to be virtualized, VTrak S3000 makes usage of your storage more efficient and eliminates wasted space. Thin provisioning support in VTrak S3000 prevents initial over provisioning of physical storage allowing for cost and power savings as storage can be added over time as needed. VTrak S3000 can migrate your data from old storage to new storage with simple, easy to use data migration services.

Data Protection
Protecting your data has never been more manageable. VTrak S3000 offers point-in-time snapshot capability allowing for recovery of deleted or inconsistent data to a previous point in time. Using VTrak S3000 for synchronous mirroring, a real-time copy of production data and volumes can be created for data protection in the event of a system failure. VTrak S3000 provides asynchronous remote replication that allows portions of data or a full data set to be replicated across an IP network giving IT administrators a powerful tool in their disaster recovery (DR) arsenal.

Scale Capacity with Confidence
No SAN storage solution is complete without a solid storage subsystem foundation.  The VTrak S3000 appliance is anchored by PROMISE VTrak X10 and x30 series best-in-class RAID storage subsystems. These provide performance, reliability and are designed for high-availability with no single point of failure. The total solution allows for dynamic expansion options to allow for easy growth with exceptional value.



  • Host Connectivity – 1G iSCSI, 10G iSCSI, 8G FC
  • Storage Expansion Connectivity – 6G SAS, 8G FC

Storage Services & Data Protection Features

  • Snapshot – Space efficient, application aware snapshot agents ensure point-in-time copies with 100% transactional integrity.
  • Mirroring  – Synchronous and Asynchronous Mirroring are supported. Mirroring automatically manages real-time copies of data to protect from system failure.
  • Thin Provisioning  – Maximize disk utilization while reducing storage cost and power consumption.
  • Replication  – Data replication using DeltaScan technology improves network utilization by minimizing the amount of data transferred during replication. This provides granular protection from a site disaster.
  • Data Migration – Enables seamless migration of data from old storage infrastructure to a new VTrak environment    
  • HyperCache – HyperCache technology accelerates IO performance for both read and write data, through intelligent disk caching algorithms using high performance media.

Host & Agent Support

  • Supported Operating Systems  – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, VMware ESX/ESXi, Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.
  • Disaster Recovery/Site Failover – PROMISE Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM).
  • Recovery Agents – Message Recovery for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft VSS
  • Recovery Agent provide instant recovery to satisfy Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).
  • Snapshot Agents – Transactional integrity and point-in-time consistency are ensured through application specific agents for MS Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Windows and Linux File Systems; standard agent for MS Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS); and through PROMISE Snapshot Director virtual appliance. Along with flexible scheduling, VTrak S3000 meets and exceeds Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) required by organizations

Supported PROMISE VTrak Storage Subsystems VTrak x10 Series
Up to 1 Petabyte of PROMISE VTrak Ex10 and Ex30 RAID storage can be attached per VTrak S3000 appliance

  • PROMISE VTrak E610sD & VTrak E310sD RAID Subsystem    
  • PROMISE VTrak E610fD & VTrak E310fD RAID Subsystem    
  • PROMISE VTrak J610sD & VTrak J310sD Expansion Chassis*

VTrak x30 Series

  • PROMISE VTrak E830fD RAID Subsystem
  • PROMISE VTrak E630fD RAID Subsystem  
  • PROMISE VTrak J830s Expansion Chassis*
  • PROMISE VTrak J630s Expansion Chassis*

*VTrak J-Class requires connection to VTrak E-Class  x10 RAID subsystem to function with VTrak S3000.

Additional information

Weight 54.00 lbs

33.7L x 23.5w x 8.5h inches