QNAP 8-Bay Tower Intel Core 2 Duo, iSCSI NAS, SATA, Dual-LAN System


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Modern business requires a reliable and secure storage solution to back up, protect, and manage data effectively. The TS-809 Pro is the powerful 8-bay high-volume member of QNAP’s award-winning Turbo NAS family designed for business users. It is a NAS of class-leading performance, supports advanced RAID configurations for data protection, built-in iSCSI target service, AES 256-bit volume-based encryption, lots of enterprise-grade server features, and delivers high reliability for multiple concurrent applications.

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Processor Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz
  • Flash Memory: 128MB DOM
  • HDD: 8 x 3.5″ SATA I/II HDD
    1.The system is shipped without HDD.
    2.For the HDD compatibility list, please visit
  • HDD Tray: 8 x Hot-swappable and lockable tray
  • LAN Port: 2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
  • LED Indicators: Status, LAN, USB, HDD 1, HDD 2, HDD 3, HDD 4, HDD 5, HDD 6, HDD 7, HDD8, USB, LAN
  • USB: 5 x USB 2.0 port (front: 1; back: 4)
    Supports USB printer, pen drive, USB hub, and USB UPS etc.

  • Buttons: System: Power button, USB One-Touch-Backup button, reset button
  • LCD Panel: Mono-LCD display with backlight and buttons for configuration
  • Alarm Buzzer: System warning
  • Form Factor: Tower
  • Dimensions: 270 (D) x 200 (W) x 298 (H) mm
    10.63 (D) x 7.87 (W) x 11.73 (H) inch

  • Weight: Net weight: 8.1 kg
  • Gross weight: 9.8 kg
  • Sound Level (dB): Standby: 35.1dB
    In Operation: 37.7dB; 41dB in busy read & write
    In Operation without HDD installed: 34dB

  • Power Consumption (W) sleep: 42W, In Operation: 81W, Power-off (in WOL mode): 2.25W with 8 x640GB HDD installed
  • Temperature: 0~40C
  • Humidity: 0~95% R.H.
  • Power Supply: Input: 100-240V AC, 47-63Hz, Output: 350W
  • Secure Design: K-lock security slot for theft prevention
  • VGA: Reserved for maintenance
  • Fan: 2 x 12 cm smart cooling fan

Software Specifications

  • Operating System: Embedded Linux
  • Supported Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32/ 64 bit), Windows 7 (32/ 64 bit), Server 2003/ 2008, Apple Mac OS X, Linux & Unix
  • Supported Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 7 & 8 or later, Firefox 3 or later, Safari 3 & 4 or later, Google Chrome
  • Multilingual Support: Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • File System: Internal HDD: EXT3, EXT4, External HDD: EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+
  • Networking: •TCP/IP (IPv4 & IPv6: Dual Stack), Dual Gigabit LAN, Multi-IP Setting, Port Trunking/ NIC Teaming (Modes: Balance-rr, Active Backup, Balance XOR, Broadcast, IEEE 802.3ad/ Link Aggregation, Balance-tld and Balance-ltd.), DHCP Client, DHCP Server, Protocols: CIFS/SMB, AFP (3.2), NFS (v3), FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, iSCSI and SNMP.Network Service Discovery (UPnP, Bonjour)
  • Network File Sharing: CIFS/SMB (Plus DFS Support), AFP, NFS (v3), FTP, WebDAV
  • Backup Solution: USB One Touch Backup (Import/Export), Apple Time Machine Support with Backup Management, Block-level Remote Replication, Work as Both Rsync Server & Client, Supports Encrypted Replication between QNAP NAS Servers, Back up to External Storage Device, Back up to Cloud Storage (Amazon S3)
  • Security: IP Filter, Network Access Protection with Auto-blocking, HTTPS Connection, FTP with SSL/TLS (Explicit), Supports SFTP (admin only), AES 256-bit Volume-based Encryption, Encrypted Remote Replication (Rysnc over SSH), Importable SSL Certificate, Instant Alert via E-mail, SMS, and LCD
  • Disk Management: Single Disk, JBOD, RAID 0 / 1 / 5 / 5+Hot Spare / 6, Online RAID Capacity Expansion, Online RAID Level Migration, HDD S.M.A.R.T, Bad Block Scan, AES 256-bit Volume-based Encryption, RAID Recovery, Bitmap Support, Supports ISO Mount
  • iSCSI: iSCSI Target (Multi-LUNs per Target, Up to 256 LUNs, Supports LUN Mapping, Supports LUN Masking, Supports SPC-3 Persistent Reservation, Supports MPIO & MC/S), Virtual Disk Drive (via iSCSI Initiator), ◦Stack Chaining Master, Max. Virtual Disk Drives: 8
  • Server Virtualization & Clustering: Supports VMware vSphere (ESX/ESXi 4.0 and above), Supports Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V & Failover Clustering
  • Power Management: Wake on LAN, Scheduled Power on/off (Max 15 settings), Automatic Power on after Power Recovery
  • Access Right Management: Max User Accounts: 4,096, Max Groups: 512, Max. Share Folder: 512, Batch Creating Users, Import User List, User Quota Management
  • Windows AD Support: Domain Users Login via CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP and Web File Manager, Supports NTLMv2 Authentication
  • Web Administration: AJAX-based User Interface, HTTP/HTTPS Connections, Alert Notification (Email & SMS), Smart Fan Control, DDNS, SNMP (v2 & v3), UPS Support with SNMP Management (USB), Supports Network UPS, Resource Monitor, Network Recycle Bin for CIFS/SMB and AFP, Comprehensive Logs (Events & Connection), Real-time Online User List, Syslog Client, Firmware Update, Backup and Restore System Settings, Restore to Factory Default
  • Applications: Web File Manager, Multimedia Station, Download Station, Surveillance Station, iTunes Server, Apache Web Server, MySQL Server, QPKG Plug-ins
  • QMobile App: QMobile for iPhone, QMobile for Android
  • QPKG: Web Applications(Joomla!, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, AjaXplorer, vtigerCRM, GLPI), P2P Applications: MLDonkey (eMule), SABnzbd+, NZBGet, Server Applications (SBS (Squeezebox Server), Tomcat, Asterisk, XDove (Mail Server)), Media Server: (IceStation), Misc., (Optware IPKG, Python, Java Runtime Environment)

All-in-One Server

  • File Server: File Sharing Across Windows, Mac OS and Linux/ Unix Platforms, Protocols: CIFS/SMB, AFP(3.2), NFS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, QNAP Web File Manager
  • FTP Server: FTP over SSL/TLS (Explicit), Max Concurrent Connections: 256, FXP Supported, Passive FTP Port Range Control, FTP Bandwidth & Connection Control, Unicode Support
  • Web Server: HTTP/ HTTPS Connections, Supports WebDAV Connection, Support Virtual Host, Importable SSL Certificate
  • Database Server: Built-in MySQL Server, Web-based Management via phpMyAdmin (QPKG)
  • Backup Server: Remote Replication Server (over Rsync), Apple Time Machine Support, QNAP Client Backup Application-NetBak Replicator, 3rd Party Backup Software Support: Acronis True Image, CA Brightstor, ARCserve Backup, EMC Retrospect, Symantec Backup Exec, LaCie Silverkeeper
  • iTunes Server: Audio and Video Sharing, Smart Playlist for iTunes Client (Windows & Mac OS)
  • Printer Server: Network Printer Sharing (USB), Max Printers: 3
  • Multimedia Station: Supports Photo, Audio and Video, Image Slide Show and Rotation, Automatic & Schedule Thumbnail Generation for Easy Browsing, Display Photo Details from EXIF: Date, Exposure Time, Aperture, etc., Display Audio Details from ID3 Tag: Album Cover, Title, Artist, Album, etc., Access Authority Management, Multimedia (Video & Audio) Streaming, Supports Cooliris, Supports Web Publishing (Facebook, MySpace, MSN Live, Twitter, Plurk, Blogger), Supports E-mail Publishing, Supported Formats: Photo – JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, Audio – MP3, Video, Playback: FLV, MPEG-4 Video (H.264 + AAC), Transcode: AVI, M4V, MPG/MPEG, RM/RMVB, WMV, QMobile App, QMobile for iPhone, QMobile for Android
  • Download Station: PC-less BitTorrent/ FTP/ HTTP Download (up to 500 tasks), BitTorrent Download: (Supports TCP/ UDP Tracker Protocol, Schedule Download, Configurable Port Range, Bandwidth Control, UPnP NAT Port Forwarding), HTTP/ FTP Download: (Configurable Saving Directory, Bulk Download with Wildcard Setting, RapidShare Download Support), QNAP Download Management Software: QGet (For Both Windows & Mac OS, Manage the Download Tasks of Multiple QNAP NAS Remotely over LAN or WAN)
  • Surveillance Station: Supports 4 IP Cameras (Optional Purchase) for Network Surveillance


Additional information

Weight 28.00 lbs

270 (D) x 200 (W) x 298 (H) mm

Operating temp.


Power supply

350W, Input: 100-240 Vac~, 47-63Hz, 6A-2.8A