Raised Floor Mount Fan Unit, 4 Fans


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Key Benefits:

Quad EC ( Electronically Communicated ) Fans

RFU-4 consists of four high performance and quality EC fans. It provides unit CFM up to 2,100 and unit MTBF up to 50,000 hours.

Maximize CRAC Efficiency & Minimize Rack Hot Spots

RFU-4 delivers strong cool air from underfloor via the contained aisle to the high density server racks to eliminate inside hot spots. Eventually, RFU-4 not only maximizes CRAC efficiency, but also saves the energy cost.

Retrofits or New Construction Aisle

Well-designed mounting kit offers user a quick and easy installation. It is ideal for new project deployment or retrofit. User can just proceed with the installation on 600 x 600 mm raised floor and no rack movement is required.

Individual Fan On / Off

Each EC fan is equipped with an individual on / off switch. It provides flexibility for users while the aisle environment or rack cooling requirement changes.

Unit / Fan Speed Levels

Each EC fan is provided with 3 speed levels. User can adjust the speed level according to aisle environment and requirements. Energy expenses for the cooling become more cost-effective as lower speed level costs much less.

Overall Temperature Monitoring

By two temp. sensors and LED display, it is easy to monitor the temperature status in rack level, aisle level and even air duct underfloor level. Eventually, user can be aware of overall temperature environment.

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Weight 35.00 lbs