Sun Solaris Compatible 1U Rackmount Keyboard Drawer, 8 ports USB KVM, 8pcs CD-B 6 KVM Cable





  • 1U, standard 19″ rackmount keyboard drawer
  • 104-keys SUN-compatible keyboard w/3 button trackball supports SUN keys, including stop, Cut, Paste, Compose, etc.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets compatible with SUN rack depths of 24 to 36 inch
  • Lockable drawer to secure the keyboard & mouse
  • Slide rails have fixed position to prevent movement of the keyboard
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Single and two console USB KVM options
  • Color in black


  • USB connector
  • 3 button with 15mm trackball mouse
  • Incorporates SUN keys, including Stop, Cut, Paste, Compose, Copy, and Help
  • US layout version only

Optinal built-in USB KVM

  • Compatible with all USB-enable PC and SUN server
  • Multi-platform-mix PCs, SUNs, IBMs, HPs, Compaq & DELL
  • Support 8 characters password protection & search PC server name
  • Cascades for use with up to 128 servers
  • New keep alive feature safeguards server for power loss to the switch
  • Built-in microprocessor emulation for each port boots up process
  • Auto scan-mode for monitoring your servers at intervals 5 to 99s
  • Hot-pluggable when adding or removing PC w/o powering down the switch
  • Name you server up to 16 characters long
  • No software needed & all mounting hardware included
  • Direct support SUN Micro native resolution 1152 x 900
  • 8 x 6ft USB cables supplied with the unit, 10ft and 15ft options available
  • Supplied with 12V 5A remote power adapter, two console model with additional 9 VDC adapter

Additional information

Weight 26.00 lbs

44.2(W) x 55(D) x 4.45(H)cm