Supermicro PWS-1K05A-1R


  • PMBus 1.2 Support for Remote Management
  • Flexible Redundancy Control
  • 80 Plus Titanium
  • Supermicro Certified






Total Power Output 800W / 1000W
Type Module
Type of Power Supply Power Supply
Form Factor 1U
Dimension (W x H x L) 38 X 40 X 360 mm
+5V N/A
+12V 66.7/83A
+3.3V N/A
5V Standby 4A
Input Voltage Range 100-127V, 200-240V
Input Frequency Range 50-60Hz
PMBus 9-7.5A, 6-5A
Output Type Gold Finger (FCI 16P14S)
8Pin / 4Pin (12V) Connector N/A
Voltage / Current Yes
Energy Efficiency 91% Peak
80 Plus Certification 80 Plus Titanium
Validated Systems SYS-1028TP-DC0FR, SYS-1028TP-DC0R, SYS-1028TP-DC0TR, SYS-1028TP-DC1FR, SYS-1028TP-DC1R, SYS-1028TP-DC1TR, SYS-1028TP-DTFR, SYS-1028TP-DTR, SYS-1028TP-DTTR, SYS-1029TP-DC0R, SYS-1029TP-DC1R, SYS-1029TP-DTR, SYS-2028R-TXR, SYS-2029P-TXRT
Validated Chassis CSE-213XAC-R1K05LP
Warranty 1 year warranty
Product Environmental Compliance RoHS and REACH compliant, details available upon request

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs